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A photographic journey capturing various flowers seen blooming around Australia. Shot with Nikkon and Cannon DSLRs and a Google Pixel 2 XL. I use this photo series to experiment with different techniques and filters, in order to show the flowers in the best possible quality. I began the series in 2016, and have continued on to 2018. I edited the photos in both Lightroom and Photoshop.



I spend a large amount of time post-processing these images, so for this photo series, I have included a guide on what steps I normally take when editing. The below image was one of the most challenging images to create because of the detail in the background and the vibrance of the petals.

Shown below is the original, unedited image. I used a borrowed Cannon DSLR  with a standard lens to capture the flower.

pink flower original.jpg

Here is the image with some basic editing (brightness, saturation and vignette adjusted). As this was taken early on in my photographic experience, the vignette is a little heavier than what I would use currently.

pink flower.jpg

Here is the image with further editing. I've added a blue tint to enhance and draw the eye to the pink shades, and sharpened the petals to emphasise the delicate texture.

second 2.jpg

Here, I cropped out most of the background, and applied a blur. While the flower stood out well on the background, some details were lost, such as the texture on the petal tip. For me, this was the most interesting part of the flower.

flower 3.jpg

I blended more blue into the image to give it a more calming feel, and adjusted the sharpness so the difference between the petal tip and middle wasn't so harsh.

flower close-up.jpg

Here is the final image. I applied a vintage filter, and blurred out the background to create an abstract feel. I adjusted the colour to help the flower stand out more against the background.

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