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Our client for this project was the Queensland Museum. They wanted to use design to spice up their permanant exhibits in order to bring in a larger amount of visitors.




In Bring Me Home, we use the taxidermied birds of the Wild State to create an interactive learning narrative. Users are tasked with bringing the bird’s eggs to their nests. They are prompet to do this through the use of visual and audio cues.

When the user successfully brings the right egg to the right nest, the nest will light-up (as pictured) and play the corresponding bird song. If the user puts an egg belonging to another bird in the nest, the nest will not light up, and will instead play a broken egg sound, indicating that the user has ‘ruined’ the nest. This was used to create a deeper emotional experience for the users, as such a situation is reflective of the actions of cuckoo birds in real life.

We chose to work within the Wild State section, because we found the displays to be interesting, but under-utilized in its current rendition. The area we focused on was the back wall. Through observation of museum patrons, we found that this area was both ignored and actively avoided. We decided that our target audience would be young, primary-school aged children, as they have the most to benefit from an interactive learning display.



Erin Craig, Sebastian Connole, Yvonne Gyam, Caitlin McAnulty.

(Photography courtesy of Sebastian Connole)

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