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Pretty in Pink is a personal project. I created it to demonstrate my skills in illustrator, and in creating vector artwork. I wanted to create a more complex design set than usual, because most of my portfolio consisted of photography work, rather than graphic design.



I began by first sketching out the designs on paper, and then sketching them in Paint Tool Sai. I prefer to use Sai over Photoshop in the early states of design due to the smoothness and blendability of the brushes (I use a custom brush-set).

After sketching out my artwork, I chose a colour palette to represent glamour and elegance. I used pinks for femininity and golds and browns for wealth.  I created the final versions of the icons using Illustrator.

The item that was most challenging for me to construct was the shoes, as I have always found it difficult to form perfect, curving lines.


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