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Posters for Practice

Unfortunately, due to Covid 19, I found myself unemployed. To keep my skills fresh, and to practice new techniques, I created a series of posters based on words using the Merriam-Webster Dictionary randomiser function. I used these words to mimic a brief, and the posters I created needed to relate directly to the meaning, and reference the word in some way. This helped me broaden my creativity, as these words wouldn't necessarily match what I normally created. 


As I was stuck inside, I used stock photography from free image sites like Pexels. This served to both give me fresh content to work with, and also to practice editing images that weren't my own. Although I have a subscription to Adobe Stock's premium imagery, I wanted to work with less professional images, as sometimes clients wish to use their imagery, but they may not be experienced in taking professional quality pictures. 

The skills I practiced were colour-changing specific elements within the photograph, removing backgrounds (especially from hair), stitching together different images, double exposure, and font-matching. 



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