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I created this photo series in order to create a colour palette for a personal project. I used photographs and colours that displayed my personality and character. The pictures were taken in and outside of Brisbane, and all feature different subjects. What ties this pack together are the filters I used, to bring out the colours and textures of the shots.

I mostly used my Nikkon DSLR, but the macro image of a fan's metal covering was taken with a Goggle Pixel XL with a macro lens. While the image quality doesn't quite compare to a DSLR, after editing, it can be difficult to tell the difference unless zoomed in. Of course, it isn't a picture I would submit to a competition, but the advantage of a mobile camera is that it is light and always with me, so it is easier for me to grab shots like this, that catch my eye.

I used Photoshop, Lightroom and Fotor (for the Pixel shot) to edit my images.



colour palette.jpg
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